What we do

Established as a business revitalization consulting company

RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD. is a specialist in business revitalization consultancy/turnaround consultancy services. Established in July, 2002 by joint investment of Institute of Marketing Architecture Co., Ltd. with Seiichi Mizuno as CEO, which is a consulting company specialized in service industry development, and Art Box Corp. with Hajime Mori as CEO, which is a consulting company specialized in developer consultation. Our expertise lies in linking Asia and Japan, and provides hands-on support to increase corporate values including direct involvement on site such as introducing a top management team.

Creation where 'Tradition' and 'The State of the Art' meet

In the 1990s, Japanese economy began to stagnate, and the recession triggered integration and disintegration of industries. It oppressed domestic manufacturers and suppliers and subsequently caused serious damage to local relevant industries. With extensive knowledge about businesses in Asia, RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS started to offer consultancy services to revitalize local economies.

Through the IT revolution, RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS succeeded in developing new value-added products by combining existing industries and IT technologies.

Since the 2000s, RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS shifted its focus from the way of living and lifestyle to the development of accommodation such as hotels and houses in Japan, and mainly worked on corporate restructuring.

Under such circumstances we think that we could have achieved a partial contribution to the diversification of the accommodation industry in Japan by some of our projects including introduction of timeshare system to Kyoto townhouses, revitalization of a ski resorts in Hokkaido by ASEAN investments, and attracting five-star hotels to Japan. Also, we are currently providing support for Japanese lifestyle development companies to launch into the foreign markets.

ReProject Partners Co.,Ltd.

Executive partners

Seiichi Mizuno, Chairman & Executive director

Graduated from Keio University with a BA in Economics in 1970, Seiichi Mizuno joined Seibu Department Stores Ltd. While he was the Manager of the Shibuya branch, he developed new business models for WAVE, SEED and LOFT. By the success of these brands he established his position in the retail industry. In particular, LOFT was spun off from Seibu Department Store Ltd. into a separate company and is highly regarded as a successful business model till now. Mizuno served as the CEO of Seibu Department Stores Ltd. then became a Guest Professor at Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management. He also served as a member of the Upper House/House of Councilors from 1995 until July, 2001. At the same time, Mizuno served as an advisor at the headquarters of Netscape Communications Corporation, California for five years from 1995. During his Netscape days, he was deeply involved in internet business development in Japan as well as the US. Also in 1995, Mizuno established Institute of Marketing Architecture Co., Ltd. /IMA, and became the CEO. Actively working as a management consultant, he has been introducing overseas businesses to Japan in various industries from hotel (e.g., The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo) to IT. He also provides support for nurturing to young entrepreneurs. Mizuno has successively held various posts including an outside director and advisor to major companies: he once served as the special advisor to Mori Building Co., Ltd. for large-scale urban development projects such as Roppongi Hills. In 2002, Mizuno established a business revitalization consultancy company, RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD., and has been fulfilling his role as the CEO.

Hajime Mori, President & Executive director

Hajime Mori graduated from the Tokyo University of Education (currently the University of Tsukuba), Department of Biochemical Engineering in 1978. He was in charge of the cultural program/international business sector in the Seibu Saison Group (Seibu Department Stores). While keeping Inter Continental Hotels under his management in the late 80s, Mori was posted to Asia as Managing Director. In 1991, Mori established a hotel development consulting company named Art Box Corp. with an architect, Kengo Kuma and others. Art Box Corp. has been engaging in the development of small super-luxury hotels in Phuket Island, Thailand. Meanwhile, Mori has also been helping Adrian Zecha for the expansion of Aman Resorts.
Through the 90s, since the days of the Saison Group, Mori has established good relationships with leading business owners in the ASEAN countries. He established a business revitalization consultancy company, RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD. and became the CEO. Its target customers are lifestyle industries in Japan in logistics, real estates and hotels, which were badly affected by the bubble burst. In the early 2000s, Mori developed 'Net Super' (online supermarkets) as an Ace card to revitalize the distribution industry: 'Seiyu Net Super' is one of the business models Mori created.
In 2008, Mori was commissioned and worked for the Housing Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan. As a member of the Research Group on Promoting the Supply of Timeshare Dwellings, he worked to establish and introduce the legal framework for vacation ownership, which is popular in the US, into Japan, especially for the revitalization of Kyoto townhouses. After taking over 'Kiroro Ski Resort' in Hokkaido with Thai capital from Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. in 2012, Mori rebranded the resort as 'Sheraton Hokkaido Kiroro Resort' in the 2015 season and successfully turned it into an international resort. Mori lives half of the year in Bangkok.

Sachiko Fujisawa, Executive Director

Graduated from Japan Women's University in 1988, Sachiko Fujisawa worked at a fashion marketing company for Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., where she specialized in analysis of people and their livelihoods as well as fashion trends. She then continued to serve in the fields of lifestyle marketing analysis, concept development and business development. In 2002, Fujisawa took part in establishing RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD. Since then she is involved in restructuring along with corporate revitalization, M&A, founding businesses, and establishing capital/business partnerships, while engaging in concept planning, business strategy planning, new business development and hands-on support. Fujisawa also proposed a new way of utilizing a house and of living for the Promotional Environmental Improvement Program Including Long-life Quality Housing by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan, and she consistently engages in formulating lifestyle business proposals.

Ryo Imai, Auditor

Graduated from Kokugakuin University with a BA in Politics and Economics in 1959, Ryo Imai joined Seibu Department Stores Ltd. and successively held posts including the Director of the Ikebukuro branch and the Managing Director and Chief General Manager of the Products Department. He also successively served as the Managing Director of Chujitsuya Co., Ltd., the Chairman of Forval Corporation, and the Vice President of Keikyu Department Store Co. Imai is currently a board member of Office24 Co., Ltd., an advisor to MTI Ltd., and the Chairman of Wellfar Corporation. Imai also serves as a board member of Institute of Marketing Architecture Co., Ltd. (IMA) since 1995 and the auditor of RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD. since 2002.


Masaaki Koizumi, Chartered Accountant

Upon passing the second part of the CPA examination in 1987, Koizumi immediately joined Eiwa Audit Corporation (the current KPMG AZSA LLC). He then graduated from Hitotsubashi University with a BA in Commerce in 1988. In 1990, Koizumi joined an enterprise group (a small to medium-sized company/Initial Public Offering group), and he advanced in his career by providing corporate financial support, such as financial statement audits for small to medium-sized companies, IPO support and pre-acquisition investigations, system construction support services, corporate recovery/business revitalization support services, corporate governance construction support services including establishing internal control and fraud investigations, and support services for businesses to advance into overseas markets. In 2002, Koizumi was promoted to a partner, and then established his own office named Koizumi Certified Public Accountant Office in 2003. He became Representative Partner of FUTABA Audit Corporation as well. Since then, Koizumi has been expanding his career by providing comprehensive advisory services while fulfilling his role as an outside director of listed and unlisted companies.

Steven Weiler

After graduating from Oregon State University with a BA in Science and a BA in Literature in 1985, Stephen Wyler studied economics and business administration at Aoyama Gakuin University. In 1986 Wyler worked in the Products Department of Seibu Department Stores Ltd. as an intern. From 1987 he made numerous achievements in the Japanese market as a security analyst at Deutsche Bank in the bond capital markets sector, and an investment advisor and portfolio manager at Deutsche Bank. Subsequently, he successively held posts as an investment advisor to Fidelity and a senior analyst for Jardine Fleming. In 1998 he became a partner of a fund investment company, Penta Investments. In October 2004 Wyler set up 'Falcon Japan Fund' for dealing with Japanese stocks.

Shuichi Imai

Graduated from Toyama University with a BA in economics in 1971, Shuichi Imai joined the Nippon Fudosan Bank Ltd. (the current Aozora Bank, Ltd.), and served in various areas including lending, fundraising, accounting, marketing, loan headquarters planning. In the Accounting Department, Imai promoted profit management system development and PDCA. In 1999 Imai joined the Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC) and was in charge of loan management and collection in the 8th division, but in June 2001 RCC became engaged in corporate revitalization services due to the Big-Boned Policy by the Japanese government and Imai consistently played the core role in promoting revitalization support services at the corporate revitalization headquarters. In revitalization support, he used his knowledge and experience in lending and bookkeeping (accounting, management, taxation) which he acquired while he worked as a bank clerk. Imai was assigned to do tasks in many areas including construction, manufacturing, transportation, retail and service industries. In particular he achieved many successes by using his extensive experience in supporting the revitalization of local department stores, home improvement stores, Japanese-style hotels and local transportation. Imai has been the CEO of Imai Task Office, a provider of revitalization support consultancy services since its establishment in August, 2008. He has been a special advisor to RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD. since October, 2008.

Company profile

Business Value creation and consulting
Established December, 1997
  Incorporated as RE⋅PROJECT PARTNERS CO., LTD. in July, 2002
Capital JPY12,500,000.
Board of Directors
Chairman & Executive Director Seiichi Mizuno
President & Executive Director Hajime Mori
Director Sachiko Fujisawa
Auditor Ryo Imai
Advisor Masaaki Koizumi,Chartered Accountant
Head Office 1005 ARK Hills Front Tower RoP, 2-23-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan